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International Expert in Security and Safety, Raymond H.A. CARTER is also a graduate in Law and Criminology. He is operating in the fields of security and safety at national and international level for more than thirty-five years. He has worked with the NATO, the United Nations and headed the Tracking, Intelligence and Fugitive Unit of the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and has also been Prosecutor's Security Advisor. Helicopter pilot, professor graduated in Martial Arts (rewarded particularly in Valencia (Spain) in 2004 as "Master Police Instructor of the Year" and in November 2007 by the International School of Martial Arts - Hall of Fame), he actively takes part in Special Units (Antiterrorism) civilian and military personnel Training. Author of several books, he is also Professor of international criminal law at the Paris Strategic and Diplomatic Study Center (CEDS) and at several universities in Paris and Abidjan and acts as an expert for international missions to the benefit of various organizations (Council of Europe ...). He has the capacity of quickly setting up teams
for handling risk, crisis and stress management. He is the designer and founder of WISDOM CONSEIL working in full confidentiality and discretion.



UN : Chef de Cabinet - combating organized crime

NATO : Search for missing persons and war criminals

ICTY : Intelligence and Tracking War Criminals at large

Antiterrorism : In charge of Investigation Unit and Research 
Doctor of Laws : International Security and safety Professor

Professional Driver : Helicopter and airplane Pilot

Professor martial arts : Close Combat and Self-Defense